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Landscaping Maintenance

Our goal is to keep any flower beds or landscaping healthy, clean, safe and attractive. Proper care will keep your flowers, shrubs and bushes as fresh as the day you planted them.

Mulch or Decorative Rock

Let us shovel it for you! Take back your weekend by letting Ballyhoo Lawn Care install the mulch or decorative rock of your choice. Mulch not only improves the appearance of your yard, but also inhibits weed growth and holds in soil moisture. You may choose from a large selection of mulch and decorative rock including red rubber mulch, playground mulch, bark mulch, decorative river rock and more.

Last Projects

Fall or Spring Clean Ups

We will rake and blow to remove leaves and grass clippings from your lawn, landscaping or flower beds in the spring or fall seasons.

Tree Removal

We will remove small to medium trees or shrubs and clean up any resulting debris.

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